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215-368-0154 is the home of the Safeguard Window Filter.  A filter that uses passive filtration to remove pollen and other particulate out of the air.  If you suffer from allergies and want fresh air in your home, the Safeguard Window filter is your solution!


I Can Breathe Silk Comfort Mask

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I Can Breathe Silk Comfort Mask

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I Can Breathe Silk Comfort Mask:

The I Can Breathe silk comfort mask is a great solution for relief from nuisance level non-toxic particles. This mask is very lightweight with a silky smooth feel. The mask can be washed and reused many times.

The patented (US 5,701,892) I Can Breathe!® Silk Comfort Mask filters nuisance level dust, grass, pollen, dander and mold. Comfortable for cleaning house, moving days, being around pets, walking outside during spring and autumn when pollen and mold spores fill the air, gardening, sewing, weaving, sleeping and exercising.

All I Can Breathe!® masks have adjustable ear loops and a pliable nose bar for individual fit and are latex free. The sleek construction of the Silk Comfort Mask holds the fabric away from the nose and mouth so one can talk.