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At we like to keep things simple. We sell products that help you deal with the Pollen Allergy through filtration. That's it....Simple.

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Here at we are also the home of the Safeguard Window Filter. The Safeguard Window Filter is a passive window filtration unit, tested to remove 94% of Giant Ragweed Pollen from the air. The Safeguard Window Filter will give you fresh clean air in your home while keeping pollen and other airborne particulate out! Safeguard Window Filter Try it today!



Commonly asked Questions

Each spring I field many questions about the Safeguard Window Filter. I would like to take the opportunity to address some of them here, as I’m sure many of you have these same questions. Today I will tackle 2 very common questions. “Can I wash the Safeguard Window Filter?” and, “what particulate size can it filter out?”



Window Filters:

As the manufacturer of Safeguard Window Filters, I get a lot of questions about the availability of our Window Filters. Most people who call us rave about our product. Then they inevitably ask, why isn't your product more readily available?" My answer? "I don't know.. I would like it to be.." To tell you the truth, I do not know why national chains have not picked up our productů Continue