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215-368-0154 is the home of the Safeguard Window Filter.  A filter that uses passive filtration to remove pollen and other particulate out of the air.  If you suffer from allergies and want fresh air in your home, the Safeguard Window filter is your solution!


Website & order questions:

  • Q: What is the return policy?

  • A: All returns must have prior approval and authorization from REP Industries Inc ( To obtain authorization you may call 800-426-3527 (please note you will get REP Industries.) or email All return requests must be submitted within 30 days of placing the order. Returns for credit, if authorized, will be subject to a restocking fee. The RMA number must clearly be displayed on the package. Any returns received without an RMA # will not be accepted. All items returned must be shipped via a traceable method (ie UPS, FEDEX or Priority mail) and must be in resalable condition as determined by REP Industries, inc.
  • Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about my order?

  • A: For answers about your order you may contact us at the following address: .
  • Q: How do you handle warranties?

  • A: All warranties are with the respective manufacturer.
  • Q: I haven't received my order, where is it?

  • A: Please email us the details of your order (email to and we will check on the status of your order for you. We will be back to you within one business day. If you have received a tracking number emailed to you, you can check the shipping status with that on
  • Q: If I need technical assistance whom do I contact?

  • A: You may contact the manufacturer directly or consult the owners manual if supplied. If you have questions about the Safeguard window filter, you may contact us, as we are the manufacturer.

Questions about the Safeguard Window Filter:

  1. Question: Can you use the filters in different styles of windows?

    • Answer: The filter is designed for double hung windows. It will not work with Jalousie or Awning style windows.
  2. Question: How often should the filter cartridge be changed?

    • Answer: Once a year depending ont he amount of air contamination
  3. How will I know when to change the filter cartridge?

    • Answer: When the filter is so loaded with dirt you are not getting enough airflow
  4. Can you manufacture custom sizes?

    • Answer: Yes, they are available from the manufacturer
  5. What is the filter material made out of?

    • Answer: The filter is made of poly-fibers primarily poly-esters
  6. I can't see the air coming through the filter, is it?

    • Answer: The filter slows down the air flow to filter the air efficiently. You should have air exchange without wind.
  7. What keeps the bugs, rain, snow, etc. out?

    • Answer: The double-sided screen and teh filter media keep the contaminants out
  8. Can you insert the filter into the window upside down to accommodate different types of windows?

    • Answer: There is no right side up with the window filter. It is bi-laterally symmetrical.
  9. How do you clean the filters?

    • Answer: The best way is to remove the filter and take it outside. Either vacuum the filter with a hose vacuum or reverse the flow and blow the dirt off. Be careful to protect your eyes and wear dust protection.
  10. Can I buy more?

    • Answer: Of course! How will you be paying for your purchase?
  11. How do I replace the filter cartridge?

    • Please download our cartridge instructions here